COVID Fight Club: Crowdsourced resources to fight COVID across India. Find oxygen, plasma, hospital beds and more.
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Last updated: 24th April 2021

Warning: Please ensure you are in compliance with Government of India, state governments in India and local law enforcement authority rules and regulations when using Leads/Suppliers from this site; or providing a Lead/Suppy on this site:

These guidelines include:

  1. Certain resources, including medicine and oxygen, can only be accessed by patients who are in hospital. Such rules and mandates are set by the Government of India and by individual State Governments. Please ensure you are in compliance with these rules.
  2. COVID Fight Club lists leads and numbers gathered from social media sources. Although we endeavour to verify such leads via calling them, we cannot guarantee their authenticity.
  3. We urge you to only use resources that are prescribed by your Hospital Doctor or your Doctor. We also urge you to check the authenticity of any medicines you use with your Doctor before consuming them.
  4. For providers who are charging for services, we suggest you do not pay any such provider in advance without receiving the service you require.
  5. Please ensure that you DO NOT pay more than the MRP for any services or providers. The Government of India has set MRP for certain categories including medicines. Please ensure you do not pay any more than this amount.